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Tips and Tricks for the Holidays: 2 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Looking for a last minute advent calendar that is safe for food allergies? Look no further – I’ve got you covered! Here are two allergy-friendly, do-it-yourself, quick-and-easy advent calendars. Enjoy :)

cookie calendar

The Cookie Calendar: I had an idea for a cookie advent calendar (free of the top 8 allergens) that is so simple to make. The procedure can easily be modified to cater to every individual’s allergies and personal preferences.

  1. Enjoy Life Cookies ( AND  – Enjoy Life has a huge selection of allergy-safe products, one of them being several different kinds of cookies. With such a hectic season approaching, this is a great alternative to baking cookies yourself. Simply select which cookies you’d like – sugar cookies, chocolate chip, whatever strikes your fancy.

  2. I found this recipe for icing free of the top 8 allergens ( If Soy Lecithin is safe for you, an even easier option is to buy Pillsbury Frosting (, available at most grocery stores. You can use food coloring to dye the icing different colors and frost it onto the cookie.

  3. Place the cookies in individual plastic bags, and stick the bags onto a holiday poster, cut-out, or even a piece of wrapping paper.

  4. All that’s left is to open up a bag everyday, and enjoy your allergy-safe cookie and advent calendar!


The Present Calendar: How fun would it be if presents came early – as a count down to the holidays! This presents advent calendar is safe for someone with ANY dietary restriction.

  1. Head over to your local $5 Below or Dollar Store and pick up some cute gifts.

  2. Wrap the presents/place them in small, opaque gift bags.

  3. Using a sharpie, (or construction paper, stickers, etc. – depending on time/how creative you want to get) write the day on each bag, and stick the bags onto a holiday poster, cut-out, or even a piece of wrapping paper.

  4. Enjoy opening up a present everyday in the spirit of the advent calendar, while staying allergy-safe!!

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