Arul Nigam, Managing Director of FoodAllergyLowdown and Co-Founder of AllergySmartz

Arul Nigam is a student with a passion to shape the public perception on food allergies. Having watched his older sister, Shirali, face challenges with food allergies, he is passionate about helping the allergy community. As researchers work towards a cure, Arul feels that it is imperative to work to foster a safe and inclusive environment for people with food allergies. In his role as Managing Director of FoodAllergyLowdown, Arul creates content for and runs this website and works on improving outreach by strategizing based on global viewership analytics. As co-developer of AllergySmartz, Arul is working on a major redesign to the app, to be released in 2020. 

Shirali Nigam, Advisor to FoodAllergyLowdown and Co-Founder of AllergySmartz
As an avid traveler, Shirali Nigam experienced firsthand how language barriers prevent people with food allergies from safely experiencing new foods and new cultures abroad, since they could not effectively communicate the necessary precautions for safe food preparation. She was determined to make a difference, and vowed to be proactive. Shirali and her brother Arul designed AllergySmartz, an app that is used worldwide, to convey food allergy information and the precautions needed for safe food preparation to restaurant staff in many languages that is also user-friendly for non-native English speakers and requires NO internet access. Shirali now serves in an advisory role at FoodAllergyLowdown and AllergySmartz, providing guidance to her younger brother, Arul, who now manages both.