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Allergy-Friendly Ghirardelli Chocolate!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing 2016! Let’s start the 2016 Blog Posts off on a sweet note 🙂

Growing up my friend’s favorite chocolate was Ghirardelli. Though I would often wander the aisles, drooling as I bought the decadent chocolate as a gift for her – I never tasted it, as it wasn’t safe for my peanut/nut allergies.

However, I recently learned that some Ghirardelli products ARE safe for nut allergies!

Here’s what Ghirardelli had to say about the matter:

Ghirardelli currently manufactures products containing the following tree nuts: almonds, coconut and hazelnuts; all the Bars and Squares made in the facility share equipment with products containing these tree nuts. The chocolate chips (60% Bittersweet, Semi-Sweet, Mini Semi-Sweet, Double Chocolate and Milk Chocolate) do not contain tree nuts or peanuts; moreover, the chocolate chips line does not make products containing tree nuts or peanuts. The Classic White Chips are produced in a facility and on equipment that makes products containing peanuts and tree nuts.

Hopefully this opens up another chocolate option for some of you! As always, check the ingredients and allergen statements listed on the package for the most up-to-date information.

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