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Back to School #10: Lofthouse and Nut Free Cookies

Updated: Sep 19, 2021


Hey! You there? Hello…. SO you are already entranced by these mouth-watering cookies? I’m not surprised!

These frosted sugar cookies are a wonderful treat for special occasions, but once you have one you will definitely want it more often than that! Walmart now carries a wide variety of peanut and tree-nut free baked goods in their bakery section.

Another delish set of cookies I spotted the other day was Lofthouse Peach Vanilla cookies. In an effort to provide delicious treats to individuals with peanut and tree nut allergies, Lofthouse has made their Odgen, UT facility peanut and tree-nut free.

Check out their website here for more details!

I encourage you all to make a trip to Walmart and pick up some of these cookies soon! 🙂

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