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Back to School #12: Wet Wipes: Hands

Updated: Sep 19, 2021


As I bring the Back to School series to a close for this year I wanted to share a few quick tips with you guys in the last couple of posts!

Make sure to clean your hands before you eat! Yes, we all understand that it can be a pain to go wash your hands before and after lunch, but it really is beneficial to you! It is even easy to simply keep a packet of Wet Wipes in your backpack for this purpose! Not only will it help you prevent getting sick as we enter the Flu season, but it will also keep you safe allergy wise.

It is easily possible that throughout the morning, protein of what you are allergic accumulated on your hands. While this exposure shouldn’t cause worry, you want to make sure you don’t ingest any of that protein as you enjoy your lunch! To be on the safe side wipe your hands before you have lunch, and as a courtesy to others in your school with allergies, wipe after lunch to get any protein reminiscence of your hands! :)

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