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Back to School #2: Self-carrying

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

As you get older you and your parents may feel it is time for you to self-carry your own medicine (in addition to having a set in a central location, like the clinic). The transition usually occurs when you are older, entering your teenage years, and are beginning to go more places alone.

How would you go about informing the school of this change?

Make sure you talk to your school nurse and look at the county website because permission to self-carry generally requires special forms that will need to be filled out in addition to the other medical authorization forms.


  1. Notify responsible adults (like your teachers) that you self-carry your medicine.

  2. Notify responsible adults around if there is a need to self-administer your medication.

  3. If you are unsuccessful in attaining permission to self-carry, make sure your medicine is kept handy and is always accessible to you or an adult, whenever you may need.

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