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Going to College #1

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hey #FAL Family!

Are you ready? Here’s the post you’ve been waiting for – the first in our Going to College series! These posts will be scattered throughout other helpful posts as well!

Once you have calmed down after the high of your acceptance to your dream school you should start planning for the upcoming events. Admitted students day, orientation, and all the other events the school will plan to convince you to attend their institution.

Whether it’s food trucks on grounds or access to their own cafeteria the school will set up food for the day. Reach out to the adults in charge of the event and/or the dining staff to make sure there will be something safe for you to eat!

Not only is it important to make sure the college or university you attend will be the perfect fit academically, but also make you feel comfortable. These special events where you can dine on campus are the perfect opportunity to determine how the school will manage your food allergies.

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