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How to Pack your EpiPen

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

  1. Don’t put them in your check in! Though the temperature in the lower deck probably won’t ruin your EpiPens, when traveling abroad, especially internationally, you don’t want to risk it!

  2. Put your EpiPens in the carry on! You don’t want to risk not having the EpiPens while in the air. (Packing them in your carry on is also a great way to make sure the temperature won’t affect it).

  3. Pack in sets! If you carry both Benadryl and Epipen for example put them in ziploc bags as sets. That way, if they ask you to check a bag you can easily rearrange your suitcase without loosing the medicine!

  4. Bring extra! Hopefully you’ll stay safe the entire trip – but especially if you’re abroad you don’t want to risk not having one if you need it.

  5. Bring a doctors note! Most parts of the world know what an EpiPen is and won’t create problems. But if they do it’s good to have a doctors note so you can make sure you can take it on the flight.

Safe Travels FAL!

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