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Blackbird Doughnuts - Summer in Boston #2

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Enjoy a no-nut doughnut at Blackbird Doughnuts! Sink your teeth into these soft, spongy donuts, glazed with Insta-worthy designs!

Filled with silky, molten, gooey marshmallow, and dipped in chocolate glaze with graham cracker sprinkles – the S’mores doughnut reigns supreme in my eyes, but the Boston Cream Pie not too far behind.

There is a delicious treat for everyone - even those with food allergies - to indulge in. Check out their amazing allergen statement:

We take allergies very seriously. All our doughnuts contain wheat, dairy eggs, and soy. Our menu changes seasonally, and we often serve a doughnut that contains nuts. If a doughnut contains nuts, the nutty ingredient will either be a topping or a filling. We do not include nuts or nut products in the doughnuts themselves. Nutty doughnuts are kept separate from the nut-free doughnuts and are prepared with separate equipment.

From morning meetings to evening celebrations, Blackbird Doughnuts has you covered! Visit their site here for more.

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