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Mampster: Nut-Free Indian Snacks

Indian street food is world-famous for being loaded with flavor and zip! But finding options for people with nut allergies to experience this has been an ordeal.

Mampster Foods is here to save the day with an array of popular Indian foods that are all NUT FREE! They have it all - right from the base to the sauces, and other accompaniments!

My favorite, Gol Gappa (also known as Pani Puri), is a delicate, round, deep fried, snack made with wheat flour and cream of wheat!

Punch a hole in the crispy, hollow globe with your thumb, fill with a few cubes of boiled potatoes and chickpeas, and dunk it in some minty-zingy water. Pop the golgappa into your mouth and enjoy the spiciness of the water bomb as the heat rises into your nose and ears!! It usually takes several of these playful snacks to until you reach satiety!!

Looking for something crispy to perk you up at teatime? Try the Punjabi Matri! This deep-fried savory treat is a perfect crunchy and tasty snack.

Papdi Chat (Indian Nachos) is a savory mixture of potatoes, chickpeas, and vegetables piled high on a base of fried papdi and drizzled with the sweet and tangy tamarind and yogurt sauces!! They have a spicey and mild version to accommodate all spice thresholds!

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