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Popping Good Time! :)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Winter is here and with it comes a post on a delicious, easy-to-grab snack idea to enjoy as you sit bundled up by the fire place! Popcorn!! The following brands of Popcorn all offer amazing and delicious varieties! They instantly transport me to a movie theater, enjoying my popcorn and a show. Every flavor is mouth-watering – I find myself hoping I don’t end up splitting my lip trying to get another kernel into my mouth…

Smartfood: I can attest that Smartfood is some of the most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had! My personal favorite is White Cheddar. However – be careful – some of their products are made on shared equipment with other nuts. As long as you do a thorough read through of the label it’s easy to identify which types of Popcorn will be safe for you!

Buddha Bowl: I love this brand! Buddha Bowl has so many different types (Original, Sweet and Salty, etc.) of Popcorn that are safe for nut allergies (and their labeling is great)! If you are allergic to Coconut, there are some more exotic versions of Popcorn sold by this brand that use Coconut, so be careful of that.

SkinnyPop: Popcorn, though one of my favorite snacks, is undoubtedly not the healthiest thing for your body. SkinnyPop is a well-known, healthy, version of Popcorn. I’m happy to say it’s just as tasty too :) They are also EXCEPTIONAL in regards to allergies! Show them support for their allergy-friendly endeavors and pick up a bag today! :)

"Our products are made in our allergen free production facility and are completely nut, egg, and dairy free!"

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