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UBER-Eating Around the World, Day 1

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

As COVID-19 continues, for those who wish to satiate their appetite for travel through the lens of food, over the next week we will share some allergy-friendly, Nut-Free restaurants to take your palette on unique cultural experience, sampling cuisines of faraway nations.

Day 1: Charcoal Kabob (Afghan)

There is nothing like devouring succulent kabobs. Charcoal Kabob in Herndon Virginia, offers these quintessential - juicy, smoky, and slightly charred! The kabobs have a crispy exterior and a tangy succulent interior. The secret lies in the marinade of spices and the tandoor, which is an open top clay oven with a wall-lined brick insulation that can reach temperatures of 800–900 degrees F when fully fired up.

A must try are their delicious, tender, finger-licking Seekh Kabobs which are prepared with minced meat, spices, and other ingredients and grilled over charcoal. My favorites are the Tandoori Chicken and the creamy Butter Chicken (don't worry they can adjust the spice level)! The entrees are served with an Afghani Naan, which is also cooked in the clay oven.

There are many vegetarian options and if you are craving Biryani that is on their menu too! They are currently offering contact-free, curbside pickup too!

As always, please speak to the manager before placing an order!

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