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UBER-Eating Around the World, Day 4

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

As COVID-19 continues, for those who wish to satiate their appetite for travel through the lens of food, over the next week we will share some allergy-friendly, Nut-Free restaurants to take your palette on unique cultural experience, sampling cuisines of faraway nations.

Day 4: Bartaco (Mexican)

Bartaco offers a new kind of taqueria, modernizing traditional Mexican recipes with healthier ingredients and a beach house-like atmosphere.

Although the pandemic may preclude experiencing the restaurant’s unique ambience, it is still possible to enjoy its casual vibe over a meal with family. Whether you’re ordering many different tapa-sized dishes to share or kids-adillas for younger diners, Bartaco allows customers with food allergies to experience a wide range of delicious flavors, all crafted in-house.

In fact, Bartaco’s commitment to allergy-safe dining is immediately apparent when you order online, with the option to note any allergens while selecting your items to order! If you’re planning ahead, download their comprehensive allergen menu here. They even include details about what specific part of any dish contains the allergen (e.g. marinade, vinaigrette, etc.)!

Bartaco’s unique offerings and allergy-safe service make trying it a must for anyone with food allergies.

As always, please speak to the manager before placing an order!

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