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UBER-Eating Around the World, Day 3

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

As COVID-19 continues, for those who wish to satiate their appetite for travel through the lens of food, over the next week we will share some allergy-friendly, Nut-Free restaurants to take your palette on unique cultural experience, sampling cuisines of faraway nations.

Day 3: The Balaji Café (Indian)

Balaji Café's menu is an amalgamation of diverse and unique Indian

vegetarian cuisines, from sensational Indian street food to the artistic “thalis.”

Dosa is a large, crispy, papery, rice flour crepes served with a bowl of hot sambhar

(spicy and tangy lentil soup with vegetables) and coconut chutney. Either enjoy it

plain or add a stuffing of potatoes and onions or Paneer (Indian cottage cheese).

Utthapam is a thick rice pancake with finely chopped onions, green chilies and

cilantro sprinkled on it.

Idlis are spongy, white fermented rice cakes that are served with spicy sambhar

and coconut chutney. They are a wonderful low-calorie option.

Vadas are savory donut-shaped fritters made with black lentils, onions and other

garnishing. A popular street food in India, pair it with a variety of chutneys or

sambhar at Balaji Café.

Stuffed Parantha, the popular unleavened, crisp and flaky flatbread, comes stuffed

with potatoes, or other options is served with creamy yoghurt and spicy pickles.

Channa Bhatura: The word “chana” means “chickpea” in Hindi, and it’s this

wonderful legume that is the main focus of this dish. The channa curry is served

with fried discs of savory dough known as Bhatura. Garnished with onions,

cilantro and spicy jalapeno, it is a popular food in northern India and an all-time

favorite for many - including me!

There are several more options to satisfy all palates, including a variety of Indian


I am particularly impressed by the Manager’s awareness of food allergies and her

willingness to share information about items on the menu that are safe for tree-nut


As always, please speak to the manager before placing an order!

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