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BONUS Restaurant Week Reveal

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Thank you, FAL readers, for your kind responses about FAL’s Restaurant Week! As promised, here is the bonus post.


Unique dining experiences are often limited for those with food allergies.

Can you imagine a meal where the chef cooks at your table, tossing knives into their hats, making eggs in the shape of chickens and onion trains with smoke? The Hibachi Grill experience is one of a kind, and Benihana understands that food allergies shouldn’t impede anyone from enjoying it!

In addition to standard questions such as “How many are in your party?”, the Host asks every group that comes in whether anyone in the party has food allergies. They promptly make a note in the system so the waiter can advise you on allergy-safe options.

You must be wondering, what do they do about cross-contamination if everyone in my party’s meal is cooked on the same hot grill? Well, not only is the grill heated to such high temperatures that any protein residues from previous diners would not be a concern for cross-contamination, but they also clean the grill very thoroughly between groups. Furthermore, they cook your meal first, to avoid cross-contamination with other diners’ orders. If multiple people in your party have allergies further precautions are taken to ensure each meal is safe.

In general it is difficult to try Japanese and Asian food when you have food allergies. However, Benihana offers me so many safe options of traditional cuisine to try. I’ve had such a good experience with them that I have had many celebrations at the restaurant, because I was confident in their abilities.

The following statement is taken from one of their INTERNATIONAL menus, for Abu Dhabi:

Dear guests, we kindly request you to advise us if you are allergic to any of the menu items and we will be more than willing to adjust our menu in order for you to enjoy an allergy free dining experience with us.

Though I’ve never personally dined at an international Benihana location, it seems as though their staff around the world are well-equipped to deal with food allergies.

Whether you’re looking for a fun dining experience or celebrating a special occasion, Benihana is the place to be!

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