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Dairy Queen

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Love ice cream but afraid to visit parlors because you’re worried about your nut allergy? Never fear, Dairy Queen is here!

Dairy Queen has left behind the traditional ice cream tub and toppings bar layout (a known headache to those of us worried about cross-contamination) and has embraced a more allergy friendly layout! We love it!

Dairy Queen’s delicious and low-calorie chocolate, vanilla, and swirled soft serve is completely NUT Free!! It’s a perfect go to option!

And if you’re craving a Blizzard, but worried about cross-contamination with Blizzards that contain nuts, fear no more! Dairy Queen locations have a separate Blizzard machine where they make Blizzards for people with nut allergies to avoid cross-contamination.

Head over to Dairy Queen today & treat yourself!

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