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Holiday cookies - the undeniable classic!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Nothing quite says Christmas or the Holidays like the sweet waft of baking from kitchens. And cookie season is now in full swing!

Fill up your cookie platter with this classic! The eye catching Christmas Tree sugar cookie adds a festive flair.

I used nut free sugar cookie dough from Pillsbury and placed the dough balls in ascending order from top down, to form the tree shape, then smoothened out the edges.

After baking it, I decorated with homemade frosting. Just mix milk, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and food coloring as desired! Playing with the amount of food color and adding different types of sprinkles gave it a whimsical touch and festive flair! Here I used the sprinkles and blue chocolate topping from ChocoMaker*.

*Always double check labels, as some ChocoMaker products do have Coconut.

The Holidays are about more than gifts… they are a season for fun with family, laughter in the kitchen, and of course, fresh homemade cookies too!

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