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ITC Maurya New Delhi, India – Amazing Allergy Dietary Accommodations

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The ITC Maurya New Delhi boldly embodies the traditional exuberance of the great Mauryan Empire. Our stay here was an exemplar of comfort, grace and tradition! Combining it with the dining experience it was an enthralling experience. The majestic architecture, the paintings and artifacts in the lobby and other areas were a reminder of India’s rich royal legacy!

In a country with an abundance of spices, aromas, and renowned flavors Tree Nut Allergies could shackle the dining experience for a foodie like me. Mughlai delicacies – creamy, rich gravies are often brought to life with an medley of spices and nuts, especially cashew nuts, pistachios and almonds. Having to steer clear of these and still enjoy the robust flavors is often a challenge.

In Spring 2019, I had a wonderful week-long stay at ITC Maurya New Delhi. The initiative and care taken by the Maurya team in assuring my allergies were accommodated and all my dining experiences were impeccable, made my dining experience unforgettable.

The executive chef and his talented team make culinary magic – their gourmet creations, reflect regional cuisines, varied and delicious!

A team of staff was assigned to me. They assured that all precautions were taken to limit any cross contamination (like wrapping cutlery in foil) and worked diligently through every meal. ITC Maurya has an amazing allergy awareness system in place – what was even more impressive was that there were consistencies in practice.

With spontaneous panache, ITC Maurya’s chefs can cook up inventive alternatives to dishes that contain nuts in the original recipe! 

I highly recommend the ITC Maurya to anyone traveling to New Delhi. I did exchange emails prior to my arrival and their team set up a meeting with me, upon arrival, to fully understand my dietary restrictions.

Immersing in the delicious flavors of India, each meal seemed a beautiful adventure in itself. I can hardly wait to stay there again!

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