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Masquerade Car Parade - Quarantine-O-Ween #2

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

A great way to deal with food allergies during Halloween is by encouraging activities that don't involve food at all! While candy is of course a central part of the holiday, there are many great family activities that can get you out of the house and keep you socially distant, all while having tons of fun!

A great example is dressing up your cars for a “FA-BOO-LOUS” “FANG-TASTIC” “SPOOK-TACULAR” “UN-BOO-LIEVABLE” quarantine cruise that is sure to lift your “SPIRITS”. Let your creativity run wild planning and executing the “BOO-TIFUL” decorations for your car!

You may choose to buy ornaments from Amazon, Dollar Tree, or Party City. Many Halloween stores sell specific car accessories, eyelashes for your headlights, bat wings and even shark fins for the top of your car to name a few.

But, you may also turn this into a DIY project with endless possibilities! These projects are always exciting, and for the youngest children it brings out their unique ideas and creativity: perhaps some spider webs around the car with spiders, a skeleton in the passenger seat, witches’ legs or a cloth arm hanging out of the car trunk, fall leaves and a giant pumpkin on the roof top, hay, giant scary teeth with white Styrofoam, construction paper or cardboard.

Glass Writing Pens and Painting Markers with washable, erasable ink are great for

writing/drawing on the windows and mirrors!

To make this a more engaging group activity, organize a car parade in your neighborhood. With everyone dressed up in their costumes, blast your spookiest music and drive through. If the final destination area is large enough for safe social distancing, perhaps step out of your car, with all safety precautions and have the occupants of each car dance or show off their costumes by their own cars!

As always, and especially during this pandemic, safety comes first! Additionally, please ensure that the decorations do not obstruct your view or that of the other drivers. No windows or mirrors should be covered, and please make sure all decorations are safely fastened.

Let's get this show on the road!

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