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Moxie’s Grill & Bar: Downtown Toronto

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

This sports-bar style restaurant really gets you in the groove of downtown life! The environment is so refreshing and lively – you feel great as soon as you walk in.

Once we were seated we informed the waiter of the nut allergy. He asked about severity (whether cross-contamination was a problem). After saying yes, he explained that for more severe allergies they like to go through the manager and chef before placing in order, rather than simply showing us their allergy menu. Truly impressed, we waited for the manager who promptly came over to our table.

After asking what we were in the mood to eat, she spoke into her ear piece as she discussed dining options, necessary modifications, and relayed any questions to the chef while sitting beside us.

Soon after we were enjoying delicious appetizer Caesar Salads followed by delectable entrees like the Ginger & Teriyaki Rice Bowl. As some other members of our family had ordered the same items, there was a slight concern that the “nut free” order might get mixed up. Our worries went away when the manager came out carrying the nut-free entrée and the waiter the rest of the table’s, ensuring a safe meal.

While ordering the manager had mentioned to us that ensuring people with all sorts of dietary requirements could enjoy a meal at Moxie’s was a huge priority for them. If you find yourself in Downtown Toronto (or one of their other locations!) in need of a yummy and filling meal definitely check them out! Refer to their aforementioned mild allergen guide here.

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