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Fun Fact: Dormice (Glis glis) was a delicacy in Ancient Rome. The rodent species was either roasted and dipped in honey or stuffed with a mixture of pork and pine nuts. That doesn't sound very appealing nowadays, so we've added a Chocolate twist to the infamous Dormice!

INGREDIENTS (substitute with allergy-safe alternatives as needed):

• 24 Golden Oreo cookies

• 1 cup (6 ounces) Dipping chocolate

• 24 red maraschino cherries with stems, well drained

• 24 milk chocolate kisses

• 48 Candy eyeballs

• Rice Krispies or icing heart decoration

• 1 small tube red decorative icing gel

Allergens: Milk, Wheat and Soy.


  1. Carefully place cookies apart on a cookie sheet.

  2. In a microwave, melt chocolate chips and stir until smooth.

  3. Holding each cherry by the stem, dip in melted chocolate, then press onto the bottom of a chocolate kiss. Place on the cookie, with cherry stem extending beyond cookie edge.

  4. For ears, carefully place a Rice Krispy or icing heart in between the cherry and the kisses candy. Refrigerate until set.

  5. With red gel, pipe a nose on the dormice.

  6. Store in the refrigerator.

  7. Tag @AllergySmartz with your final product! We're excited to see your unique touch on this Ancient delicacy!

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