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Restaurant Week Reveal #2

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


Welcome to Day 2 of FAL’s Restaurant Week!

Do you enjoy Italian cuisine? Who doesn’t?! Pizza, pasta, the works. Olive Garden is the place to be!

Firstly, Olive Garden staff is incredibly warm and welcoming. I feel at ease when approaching them regarding my tree nut allergies. I’m thrilled to say that most of the items on their menu are safe for nut-allergic people.

However, when I want to try something new or am unsure about a particular item the staff is always willing and happy to help me.

I recall a waiter telling me how they had been debriefed to handle allergies so they knew about preventing cross-contamination, etc. His first response when I told him about my allergies was pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket listing the allergens in each menu item.

I definitely recommend Olive Garden, not only as a restaurant with delicious food, but also as one that will make you feel safe and confident in regards to your allergies.

Still unsure? Take a look for yourself! Check out their allergy menu here:

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – Day 3 of restaurant week on FAL at 4:00 PM EST!

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