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Restaurant Week Reveal #3

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


Day 3 of FAL’s food allergy week! Ready to take a trip down under? Check out Outback Steakhouse for some delicious Aussie cuisine!

First – the restaurant staff. From waiters to managers everyone has been incredibly courteous and helpful to me regarding my allergies! In the true culture of a family dining experience, I can recall several experiences when staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and assured me my meal would be tasty and delicious.


Impressively, even their regular menu denotes which items contain or may contain nuts (they do this for a couple select allergens). It exemplifies the level of awareness they have about food allergies – to include even the ‘may contain’ component on their regular menu. Further, it highlights the value they place on customers who have food allergies and shows that they are well equipped and prepared to handle such restrictions.

Is your mouth watering just hearing about Outback Steakhouse? Check it out today!

Visit FAL again tomorrow at 4:00PM EST for reveal #4!

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