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Restaurant Week Reveal #4

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

ruth chris

It’s Day 4 of Restaurant Week – just about half way through! Today’s category: fine dining!

Looking for an allergy-safe restaurant that combines a friendly and comfortable experience with some luxury? Look no further! Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is the place to be…

In general, steakhouses are safe for people with food allergies because of the way the meat and some other items are prepared. Their large, nearly 1000 degree ovens, denature remnants of some other food proteins that risk cross-contaminating your food. Therefore, if a standard menu option doesn’t seem safe one could just order a baked fillet of fish, or piece of chicken, etc. to be cooked in the oven, while being assured it ran a low risk of cross-contamination. (And with the added benefit of the restaurant staff take precautions to prevent cross-contamination, it runs nearly no risk).


The staff of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, in particular, is what makes dining there so pleasant! The last time I visited they helped me combine menu items and prepare me a special dish that was not only allergy-friendly, but also something that’d suite my taste buds!

Upon your visit you should talk with the waiter – who usually directs you to a chef or manager who’ll personally prepare your gourmet meal – about what appetizer and main course items (customized or on the menu) would be safe for you. For me, the staff even felt confident preparing a nut-allergy-safe Crème Brulee dessert – and it was delicious!

I strongly recommend Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse because the nature of the food itself is such that it is likely for there to already be safe items for you on the menu, and if there is not, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse staff are more than happy to prepare custom orders! They truly make it their mission to ensure that you have an enjoyable and tasty dining experience.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow at 4:00 PM for Day #5!

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