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Restaurant Week Reveal #6

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


Kids will agree, Rainforest Café is the place to be!

The dining experience is one of a kind – the whole restaurant transports you to a lively forest where the orangutans, elephants, gorillas and more bring your meal to life through animatronics! It’s not just for kids – everyone will enjoy the unique ambiance!

Whether you visit for a birthday party, celebration, or just to have a fun visit, the opportunity to enjoy some python pasta or eat a sparkling volcano dessert cannot be passed up!

Having visited locations all across the US, I’ve always had a positive experience – the restaurant staff do their absolute best to make an allergy safe meal that is not only delicious and safe, but also fun and keeps with the theme of the restaurant.

Stay tuned for the final post of FAL Restaurant Week tomorrow!

Disclaimer: As always, be sure to communicate your allergies to the restaurant staff to the extent that YOU are comfortable with the way they are handling them. For guidance in this matter we recommend our App, AllergySmartz.

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