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Sandwich Shop Reveal: 1/9 – Subway

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

With National Sandwich Day having come and gone earlier this week I feel it’s necessary to do a Sandwich Shop series. Over the next few days I will be revealing 9 allergy-friendly sandwich shops – and so it begins!


First of Nine: Subway

From Salads to Soups to Sandwiches to Flatbreads, Subway has so many options!

Subway is extremely allergy-aware – as I understand it, in preparation for customers with food allergies Subway bakes its breads and cookies on separate baking sheets to avoid cross contamination.

When you are ordering they will happily change their gloves, wipe down the counter, use clean knives, and even get new toppings/breads from the back if you are concerned about cross contamination.


Subway’s Allergy Menu is also very thorough –

As always, please confirm this information with the staff when you arrive at the restaurant in case ingredients or protocols have changed.

For those of us who love to eat fresh on the go there is nothing better than a Subway spotting. Enjoy!

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