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Sandwich Shop Reveal: 3/9 – Potbelly Sandwiches

Updated: Sep 28, 2020


Third of Nine – Potbelly Sandwiches!

In the mood for a toasted, HOT sandwich? Check out Potbelly Sandwich Shop – the combination of classic fillings, a variety of toppings, and “Skinny” options yield a delicious dining experience.

I’ve tried Potbelly at multiple locations across the US – from Virginia to Chicago to Dallas to an Airport location for breakfast, all have been great with food allergies. The staff are extremely informed, friendly, and already know the protocol on how to handle food allergies.

They are amazing at handling my tree nut allergy – whenever I order my shake they already know not to put a cookie (which has cross-contamination risks) on the shake’s straw. Not only will you get a tasty meal – they even have live music for you to enjoy while you sip your soup, bite into your sandwich, or slurp your smoothie! If you are looking for an awesome musical dining experience I encourage you to check out Potbelly!

For those of you who love spicy sandwiches….


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