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Sandwich Shop Reveal: 6/9 Whataburger

Updated: Sep 28, 2020


Whataburger is a major chain located mostly the Southern U.S. states. Their food is amazing!

While vacationing in Texas earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit Whataburger for the first time! Even where I live, people RAVE about Whataburger (though there are no locations here). I was really looking forward to trying many items from their menu – and I was so thrilled with how allergy friendly they were!

They have a very thorough allergy menu and are so friendly and helpful if you have questions. Despite my tree nut allergy I got to try so many new things like malts which I have never had before.

Just like any other tourist attraction, if your vacationing somewhere that has Whataburger locations, you must add to your list!

Check out their Nutrition Menu – – that has the allergens listed as well!

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