• Arul Nigam

Sandwich Shop Reveal: 7/9 McDonald’s

Updated: Sep 28

When traveling internationally familiar restaurants are always a treat to the eye. In your efforts to hit every tourist attraction, on-the-go food stops are definitely your best option!

I have visited McDonald’s all over the world – including India, London, Dubai, Canada, and many more! You may know that McDonald’s cuisine varies based on their location – for example McDonald’s in India have more vegetarian options like the Paneer Wrap or Aloo Tikki Burger. Even internationally, they have always been extremely allergy-friendly. Given they are such a big chain, even their local menu variations are standardized and allergy-information is clear.

Sometimes visiting a foreign country can be daunting when most restaurants aren’t recognizable, but you can count on McDonald’s to almost always be a safe option. Of course – always make the final judgement yourself!

Check out McDonald’s US Allergy Menu here: http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/getnutrition/ingredientslist.pdf


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