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Short & Sweet: Toronto’s Hidden Gem!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

As a chocolate and sweets loving family – Short & Sweet was like stumbling onto a little slice of heaven. From tarts to sammies to cupcakes to extreme milkshakes to so much more this restaurant has something that will cater to everyone! The shop was full when we arrived – a testament to its delicious products.

And guess what? All of these mouth-watering desserts are nut-free!

We struggled to decide which of all their wonderful products to try first. We finally settled on s’mores milkshakes, a coconut cupcake, and a chocolate peach tart to share.

As we enjoyed our sweet treats in this beautifully decorated lively environment we couldn’t stop smiling. This was absolutely one of the best places we had visited and boy were we glad we decided to go there.

Canada is (thankfully) full of allergy-friendly restaurants and nut-free bakeries. If you’re planning a trip there, there sure is a lot to try, but do not leave this one off your list!

Read about a selection of their products on their website.

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