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Staying Safe during the Holidays: Asthma

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hey Everyone! I’m sure you all must be enjoying quality time with your family.

Here are some tips to stay safe in regards to Asthma:

  1. Fireplaces: Cozying up with a blanket by the fireplace might seem soothing to some, but to others the smoke could trigger bad Asthma attacks. If your Asthma seems worse then normal, the culprit may be the firewood! It’s best to just turn down the fireplace and turn up the heating in this situation 🙂

  2. Smoke: Are you staying with family who smokes? The smoke of the cigarette could be getting to you! You can kindly ask your family to not smoke while you are there, and if they must – smoke outside, away from where you will be. Depending on how accommodating your family is, they may even be willing to not smoke starting a few days prior to your arrival so the smoke/residue clear out and the house itself can air out.

  3. The Home: Changes in weather or environment could all effect your Asthma and potentially cause unwanted changes. Be careful of these as possible effectors of your Asthma!

  4. Animals: Whether it’s new pets or a house with cockroach/rat problems – the new dander/animal residues can definitely be Asthma triggers! If you know you have a problem with certain pets, perhaps your family can have the pet stay with a friend while you are visiting, or arrange pet-free places in the house.

  5. Allergens: Of course allergens can trigger horrible changes to your Asthma! If you know you have problems with inhalations of certain foods, make sure your relatives understand this. Sometimes, depending on the food, they may even be able to just eliminate it from the house for the duration of your stay.

For more information:

Be careful and enjoy the Holidays 🙂

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