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Popping Good Time! :)

Winter is here and with it comes a post on a delicious, easy-to-grab snack idea to enjoy as you sit bundled up by the fire place! Popcorn...

Allergy-Friendly Ghirardelli Chocolate!

Growing up my friend’s favorite chocolate was Ghirardelli. Though I would often wander the aisles, drooling as I bought the decadent choco..

Happy Halloween!!

We are all ready for Trick O’ Treaters with Food Allergies!! Teal Pumpkin, non-food goodies, Dum Dums lollipops, we got the #AllergySmartz..


I’m so excited for Halloween! (As you can tell by all my Halloween themed posts!!) These NUT FREE Halloween cookies are SO delicious and....

Enjoy Life Treats

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share an AWESOME company with you guys – Enjoy Life! Enjoy Life offers a wide variety of products that are free....

Allergy-Safe Halloween Treats!

I’m thrilled so many of you are planning to do a Teal Pumpkin for Halloween this year! For some inspiration, I thought I’d share some...

Kane Candy Tuxedo Cups

Kane Candy Cups are perfect to style up any party! Fill these delicious chocolate shells with fruit, ice cream, yogurt, or anything else....

Whippet Cookies

Delicious Cookies! Indulge in this gourmet Quebec, nut free cookie! Whether you prefer pure chocolate or delectant raspberry mixed in, the..

Dare Cremes

Have a diverse palette? Enjoy fine dining? Love exotic flavors? Well Dare Cremes are perfect for you! With mouth-watering nut-free* Cremes..

Brands/General Mills

As you embark on your journey reading labels and dealing with food allergies you will soon compile a list of your “go-to companies.” As an..

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